Practice Re-Opening

The government announced last Thursday that dental practices can now open to see patients face to face from Monday 8th June. This is great news for us, as we are aware that many patients have been contacting us with emergencies and we are now in a position to treat them. However due to the Covid 19 pandemic we will have additional systems in place in order to keep our patients and staff safe.

We will need longer appointment times than normal, and we will therefore be limited initially on the number of patients that we will be able to see. We have a large number of patients that have been in contact with us over the last 10 weeks of lockdown with emergencies and we will be prioritising these patients in the first 2 weeks of returning. If you have contacted us during this period we will be calling you during next week to arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible. If you have a routine examination appointment, we may need to ask you to reschedule for a slightly later date so that we can accommodate these emergencies. We hope to return to routine dentistry as soon as possible and we ask for your patience during these first few weeks while we treat our emergency patients.

If you have an appointment, we will be asking you to complete an online assessment and screening form for Covid 19 for safety and to minimise time and paperwork at the practice. When you attend we will hopefully be able to bring you straight into the treatment room but you may be asked to wait in the car park until an appropriate time to ensure safe distancing.

Hartley Dental Practice is a very safe environment due to our extensive cross infection control procedures and we will be also using enhanced measures to ensure the health and safety of all our patients and staff during this time.

Kind regards
Gary and the Hartley Dental Practice team.