Hartley Dental Plan

Our Hartley Dental Plan is really straight forward.

All 3 plans have the same great inclusive benefits:

  • Spread the cost of routine dental treatment over a year
  • 2 Oral Health Examinations with your dentist per year
  • No extra charge for digital X-rays, when needed (usually £8 each)
  • Tooth whitening for £199.00 (save £100!)
  • Free emergency consultations
  • 10% reduction in the cost of general dental treatment*

It all comes down to if you need to see the hygienist, and how often.

Plan 1 (£12 per month) is if you don’t need to see the hygienist at all and the dentist does your routine cosmetic teeth cleaning at your exam appointment. (2 cosmetic cleans with the dentist per year).

Plan 2 (£17 per month) is if you see the hygienist every 6 months (2 Hygiene Therapy Treatments per year).

Plan 3 (£26 per month) is if you have more extensive gum issues and see the hygienist every 3 months. (4 Hygiene Therapy Treatments per year).

Please note there is a one off joining fee of £10.00, which is added to your first direct debit payment.

Click the link to sign up for our Hartley Dental Plan.

*10% discount applies to general dental treatment, and excludes dental implants or specialist treatments.

If you are unsure which plan is best for you then please contact us on 01474 703484.