In-Line® Invisible Braces

What is In-Line?

The In-Line system is from Germany and involves a series of fully removable, clear aligners to straighten teeth and works even for patients with quite severely crowded cases.

Our principle dentist Gary Dorman has been treating patient with the In-Line invisible brace system for over 10 years, he has even treated himself!

How much does In-Line cost?
We are currently offering the In-Line System for upper or lower from £1650, or both from £2650*

Before and After using In-Line

Is In-Line Suitable for me?

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Key Benefits:
• Great results in 6-10 months
• Suitable for more severe cases
• Used by our dentist for his own treatment

In-Line Interview with Gary Dorman

How In-Line Works

With the In-Line system there’s never any need to add attachments to the teeth and because of this unique technology each aligner can move teeth 0.7mm, which is more than double other aligner systems! This allows the cost to be often lower than the other clear aligner systems. Each aligner is active for 4 to 6 weeks and total treatment time is normally 6 to 10 months. Space is created by just clearing contacts in between some teeth, so that no extractions are required. The aligners are worn during the day and night, and are removed for eating and drinking.

Please also look at our gallery for before and after photos of our patients treated with the In-Line System.

*Interest free credit available for up to 12 months subject to a credit check.