Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Our Dentist Milan provides anti-wrinkle treatment here at Hartley Dental Practice.

Milan trained in facial aesthetics with leading Harley Street clinicians.

He has been offering this treatment to his patients and achieved great results!

Remember to apply a high factor sunscreen everyday throughout the year to protect your skin from UV radiation.


Trudy our hygienist had anti-wrinkle treatment, she was unhappy with her lines that had formed overtime through ageing and UV damage.

After a consultation we decided to do some anti-wrinkle treatment using the latest innovative techniques with zero downtime and completely pain-free!

Forehead and crows feet treatment lasts around 4 months and with repeated treatment we can smoothen out the lines so that we can rejuvenate the face.

With zero downtime she was able to return to her daily routine and she was delighted with the results we obtained in 2 weeks.

How Much is Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

• Forehead and Crows Feet – £250

• Book in for your FREE* consultation with Milan today.

Contact us at Hartley Dental Practice on 01474 703484, to make an appointment.

The Product We Use

Azzalure is a muscle relaxant and is specifically designed for use in aesthetic indications, which temporarily improves the appearance of fine facial lines.

*FREE consultation for existing patients and ONLY £20 for New Patients, which is credited to your account if you go ahead with the treatment.